New update

Hi everyone, here is a new update with some additions and evolutions!

Among the new features to keep having fun:

      • Game masters can organize Gunboat games
      • you can play the “France versus Austria” variant for 2 players on the “Classic” map.

Among the changes to improve the gaming experience:

    • maps for 2 players are removed from ranked games since this game mode has little to do with the philosophy of “Diplomacy”.
    • the games will automatically end in a draw when the position is blocked after 4 years.

Have fun 😉

Player blocking

Following many comments, we have changed the way player blocking works.
Now blocked players can continue to chat in negotiation threads. They will only be prevented from participating if all recipients have blocked them. Blockages by abuse will therefore have little negative impact. On the other hand, as before, the one who blocks will always be protected from harmful messages because they will not be notified or displayed.
For nominal operation, you simply need to update to version V2.12.4

Known world 901

How about getting together with 15 players while respecting social distancing? This is what Conspiracy offers with the brand new ‘Known world 901’ map!
The novelty is the appearance of neutral units that will have to be dislodged to conquer more centers. But be careful! If the center is not yet in your possession and occupied by one of your units at the end of the game year, you may have the unpleasant surprise of seeing the neutral unit reappear! So be careful 😉
Have a good summer everyone and see you in the fall

Welcome to the Game master







What could be better than an update to start summer well?
This time, it is the addition of the “game master” function.
The person who takes on this role will be responsible for creating the game (private and unranked) and inviting participants. But there’s more: they will be able to communicate with all the participants, to replace them if necessary, to pause the game and even to trigger phase resolutions.
In short, this is a feature that will delight all tournament organizers.
Have fun

New sandbox mode

Place units for any empire, analyze a succession of moves, explore all the game mechanics with total freedom and on any map! This is the new feature brought by this update (V2.10.0).
This new “sandbox” mode is the ideal tool to learn and progress in mastering the workings of the game.
Moreover, this mode is accessible from the home page without even having to participate in a game!
Don’t wait any longer and come and try it!


Here is some new features that might interest the passionate players that you are. Go to your profile to find out about the trophies to collect. Some will ask you for patience, others will require all your strategy and diplomacy.

Don’t wait any longer and update (V2.9.0)!

Already 3 years

Happy 3 years to Conspiracy! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :partying_face: :champagne_glass:

This year has been full of new features with mainly 3 new maps, the replacement of inactive players or the archiving of your completed games.

Thank you to all those who support us and allow Conspiracy to keep living and improving. :kissing_heart: