Below, you will find the answers to all the questions players frequently ask :

  • Is there an iOS version?

No, there is only an Android version. We are only 3 friends developing everything in our spare time. Unfortunately, for now, we have neither the time nor money to make another version (and especially not for Apple).

  • Why am I limited to 2 games? I want more!

You are limited to 2 games at the same time as long as you are considered as an “unreliable” player. Become a “reliable” player and you will be allowed to play up to 5 games.

  • How to become a reliable player?

When you create an account, your reliability is null. Become a “reliable” player is very easy. All you have to do is submit all your moves during your games without skipping a turn. Each time a game ends, your reliability rate will be updated. You could find your rating in your profile.

  • I’m a reliable player! Why am I limited to 5 games?

Behind Conspiracy’s app, there is a little server that runs everything. Extending this limit would significantly increase the server load and may slow it down.

  • How can we deal with inactive players? They slow the game.

It happens frequently, specially in games created or joined by unreliable players. Don’t worry, you won’t be waiting for a long time. We give players extra time for 2 turns but after that, we don’t wait them any more.

  • How can I quit an ongoing game?

Withdrawing from an ongoing game is now allowed, you just have to long click on your game. We don’t encourage you to do that! When players leave a game, it unbalances it and penalizes all other players. If you create or join a game, you agree to play until the end. Even if you don’t win the game, you have a very significant influence on the outcome! 😉

  • How ELO system works?

Elo points in Conspiracy are similar to chess, except that here they are here extended to more than 2 players. The Elo points awarded or lost at the end of a game depend on the other players’ Elo points and, except for a draw, on the number of supply centers which remain for each player still alive. More precisely:

Defeat :
–       In a defeat, the lower the other players’ Elo points are compared to yours, the more points you lose. Thus you don’t lose too many points by losing against players stronger than you.
–       In a defeat where you remain alive till the end of the game (that is, you still have supply centers), the more supply centers you have, the fewer Elo points you lose.
Victory :
–       In case of a win, the greater the other players’ Elo points are compared to yours, the more points you win.
–       The amount of Elo points awarded to you also depends on the number of supply centers you own at the end of the game: the more centers, the more Elo points awarded (watch out! don’t forget that once you own 18 centers or more, you win the game, and thus the game ends)
Draw :
–       In case of a draw, the amount of Elo points awarded at the end of the game only depends on the other players’ points. You share the points with other remaining players, even if you own only one supply center.
–       Watch out: a draw against players who all have Elo points a lot lower than yours will make you lose points!
In any case
– For each player, the Elo points considered in the calculation are those held when the player joined the game.