Game rules

Players and empires

The game is played by seven players. Each player represents one of the great European empires at the dawn of the 20th century (Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey).


The objective of Conspiracy is to be the first to control 18 supply centers. However, players can end the game by agreement before a winner is determined. In this case, all players who still have units on board (armies or fleets) share equally in a draw.

Conquer new supply centers to gain new units. Empire possessed one unit per controlled supply centers.


The board is divided in provinces. There are three types of provinces : inland, water and coastal. Only Armies move on inland provinces and only Fleets move on water provinces. A coastal province is land that is adjacent to one or more water provinces. Supply centers is province marked by star.

All units have the same strength. No one Army or Fleet is more powerful than another. During the game, various units will support each other to increase their strength and attack weaker adversaries.

There can only be one unit in a province at a time.


Conspiracy is a game of negotiations, alliances, promises kept and promises broken. In order to survive, you need help from others players. In order to win, you must probably stand alone (choosing the good time). Knowing whom to trust, when ti trust them, what to promise and when to promise, it is the heart of the game. Keep in mind you are a diplomat first and you won’t count on luck to win but only your skill to negotiate

Conspiracy is a turn-based game. A turn is delimited by a deadline (defined during game creation). Players have all the turn duration to negotiate with other players and validate their orders.  At the end of a turn, orders are all resolved. Some units are moved, some have to retreat and some are removed. Resolution are automatically managed by the server.

A game is divided in years and each year is divided in 5 phases :

  • Spring (move/diplomatic phase)
  • Summer (retreat/disband phase)
  • Autumn (move/diplomatic phase)
  • Winter (retreat/disband phase)
  • Adjustment (gaining or losing units phase)

Types of orders

On each move turn (Spring and Autumn) , each empire can order all, some or  none of its units to do one of the following :

  • Hold
  • Move
  • Support (to attack or to defend)
  • Convoy (only armies can be convoyed and only fleets can convoy armies)

On each retreat phase (Summer or Winter), each empire which units have been dislodged can order one of the following :

  • Retreat (in adjacent free province)
  • Disband

On each adjustment phase, each concerned empire can order one of the following :

  • Unit creation (if empires own more supply centers than units)
  • Unit destruction (if empires own less supply centers than units)

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