Welcome to Conspiracy’s Website


Conspiracy is a free app and we really want it remains so.  However, we are only independent developers and we have expenses (servers, domain name, …). Thanks for helping us!


We would like to thank all the people who support us in this project as well as the players who encourage us and are committed to improving Conspiracy. In this regards, we especially thank the volunteers who took their time to help us  translate the application into other languages:

  • Spanish (Javier Díaz Ortega,  Josky, Powa)
  • Italian (Federico Mugnaini, Antonio7331, Arma55)
  • Russian (Boris Kovba,  Askar, c.one)
  • Turkish (Metin Çetin, Mert Okatan)
  • Portuguese (Tozemanel, Enriador)
  • Brazilian (Enriador)
  • Polish (Czarek, Myrtasz)

Finally, we won’t forget to thanks our wives who have an infinite patience and allow us to spend a lot of time in our project 😉