Presentation of Conspiracy

Conspiracy is a Diplomacy-like online turn-based strategy game, developed by Diplomacy fans for Diplomacy fans.
Download Conspiracy and Europe will soon be yours… unless you turn your back on your allies!
It requires only one Google account to enjoy the Conspiracy experience on all your mobile devices.


Conspiracy is a game based on the “negotiation” between the 7 players.
Chance plays no part in the way the game works, only your talents as a diplomat and tactician affect the outcome.
This game progresses on a deadline or as soon as all players have submitted their orders.

In Conspiracy, you :
– Control one of the great European empires at the dawn of the 20th century.
– Give orders to your units on each turn after discussions with your allies.
– Get support from your allies to aid in your expansion.
– Betray your allies when they don’t expect it.
– Conquer new centers to enlarge your army.
– Get 18 centers to win the game!
– Monitor your statistical progression as well as those of your friends.
Special Conspiracy features :
– Create a game and set all its parameters.
– Join existing games from friends’ invitations or among available games.
– Smooth & intuitive map browsing
– Negotiate with one or more players at the same time with the in-app messenger.
– Create your avatar.
– Add players to your contacts.
– Check your statistics and rankings.
– Check your contacts’ statistics and rankings.
– Receive notifications for all game events.
– Give orders to your units and see them on the map.
– Smooth & quick browsing in the game history.
– Play up to 5 games simultaneously.
– Observe up to 5 games simultaneously.